The festive season has come and it’s time to celebrate.

You have a beautiful new baby and there are Christmas parties and New Year’s celebrations galore, with everyone wanting to celebrate  your new arrival.

The questions you will be asking may include: Can I drink? How much? And when can I feed my baby again?

The concentration of alcohol in your blood is the concentration of alcohol in your milk and peaks 30-60 minutes after you start drinking.

Only time will reduce the amount of alcohol in the milk in your breasts!


Other factors that affect the amount of alcohol in your breast milk include:

  • the strength and amount of alcohol consume
  • what and how much you’ve eaten
  • how much you weigh
  • and, how quickly you are drinking.


The safest option when breastfeeding is to avoid drinking alcohol altogether.

However, planning ahead can allow you to express some milk for your baby before celebrations begin. Your baby can have this milk if you miss a feed while drinking, or while you are waiting for the amount of alcohol in your milk to drop. You can access the Australian Breastfeeding Association website to get more information and download the Feed Safe app that will guide you through the decisions